Here we offer a piece of Lübeck history. One of three or four built car boats of the Fritz Staack shipyard.

Car boats?

Built for the Hanseatic City of Lübeck

Autoboats are the name of the front-engined watercraft that were popular from 1900 as spectacular luxury motorboats, especially in high society, and fell into oblivion after World War 2.

Autoboat on crane


Owned by a boat builder since 1990

Built from mahogany, oak stern and keel and finished with 6 coats of varnish. The engine is a GM block from an Opel Kapitän. It is overhauled but not yet installed. The chairs are mahogany and ash, also the convertible top is original, but the cloth is still missing.


Except for the windshield all parts present

The effort until completion is estimated at 200 hours and would cost about 20,000 euros as an order. But it is certainly more attractive to complete the autoboat on your own. A trailer was built to match the boat. It has not yet seen the road and is accordingly in top condition.

Autoboot windshield

This boat is really something for lovers of classic forms with history. The hull and deck are in very good condition. There are two engines. one overhauled and one as spare parts. They come from an Opel Kapitän. The windshield will probably be from this one as well. Transmission, Dynastart starter, transmission bell, carburetor, engine panel, marinized exhaust manifold, trailer - everything is included. Make an appointment and we will show you the autoboat on site.

Video tour

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