Are you looking for a traditional long keeler with beautiful lines? Then this Breeon 37 could be the right boat for you.


Traditional lines

A stem that dips very gently into the wave; a stern with no waves slapping underneath to keep you awake at night. A keel, laminated and without keel bolts, with a super-protected attached rudder. In the past, boats were built with a different focus. Yet the Breeon is not slow at all! Designer Frans Maas has managed to make the Breeon start immediately in a light breeze, but stay on course and comfortable in a lot of wind.


Traditionally held


From the inside, much of the Breeon 37 is still as it used to be. Lots of wood and corduroy upholstery are reminiscent of times gone by. But the boat has also been upgraded: Cooking is done on a modern Wallas stove, the engine has been replaced and runs perfectly, and the navigation instruments are a mixture of older and younger.

Need for overhaul


As with many boats from this era, you will find a teak deck. Really thick and solid, not like today. The teak deck should be overhauled, redo seams, replace prop and sand. After that you have a wonderful deck again. The seller has just had a survey done on the teak deck which can be viewed if needed. The deck core of this Breeon 37 is not damaged


Is there anything else that needs to be done? The forward hatch closure needs to be changed, there is a temporary one in use here. The cooler went out last week and always went until then. Could just be a loose connection, we don't know. The owner could not open the water tank inlet after winter storage. The multidisplay in the cockpit is spinning. One of the two bow cleats is missing, new replacements are available and just need to be installed. All no witchcraft, even the teak deck is made in one winter and again like new. Call us, we will be happy to show you the Breeon 37.

Video tour

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