Looking for a real blue water sailor? Aluminum, bilge keel, protected rudder, deck saloon, cutter rig? This Reinke 13M offers all that and much more.

Shipyard construction

Safety first

The aluminum hull was made by the shipyard Rehberger Yacht manufactured. The focus of this Reinke 13M is on safety. The material thicknesses have been increased compared to Kurt Reinke's plans: The bottom plate thickness is 10mm, the first plate course 8mm, then 6mm and on deck 5mm. The twin keels are extended by 7cm to increase the righting moment and to compensate for the top weight due to the reinforced rig. The boat was built so that no seacock is below the waterline. The anchor locker and large forward storage area are completely separated from the rest of the boat by bulkheads. All stainless steel hardware is insulated from the aluminum hull. This boat can really take a beating. So even trips off the typical barefoot route are no problem.

The salon of the Reinke 13M

Blue water yacht par excellence

Place for 2 plus visit

The ship is consistently designed for two people plus two to four visitors. It is better to have more storage space than too many berths that remain empty anyway. The deck salon has been enlarged compared to the plans of Reinke extended by 40 cm to accommodate a huge pantry with plenty of work space, a beautiful salon table and a Refleks furnace. There are two cabins, a bathroom with shower possibility, a walk-in engine room and quite a lot of space for the household goods.


First watering 2019

The hull was delivered in 2015 and the ship was removed by the owner with professional support until 2019. Even from the inside it looks like an extremely high quality shipyard construction. The woodwork (cherry furniture, ash walls) is excellently done. Super gap dimensions in the furniture, no screw heads can be seen on the ceiling panels, and everywhere you can find one more compartment, one more drawer, one more small shelf.

Here the deck of the Reinke 13M
Reinke 13M dinghy

Blue water equipment

From the finest

There was no skimping on the technology either. Double navigation devices in the cockpit and in the salon, Andersen winches, a Force10-stove, all lighting LED, of course with tinned cables... In addition, luxurious blue water equipment: a washing machine, enough solar on the equipment carrier and the dodger, good sized anchor gear with Forests-Stainless steel chain, 2 refrigerators with freezer compartment, rainwater collection system... All the great gadgets, the thoughtful special requests that have been installed here, you can not list them all - you have to see live. We would be happy to show you this Reinke 13M at her berth in the Böbs shipyard in Travemünde.

Even though the Reinke 13M really looks tiptop, there are a few small things that could be done. Next to the windlass, the white paint is peeling off the aluminum deck. The radiator in the bathroom, which can be operated via the Refleks stove, is not connected. Likewise, the inverter is present and mounted, only the last cable needs to be connected.

Video tour

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This yacht has already been sold.

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