Would you like a waterfront property? Not a real estate but a mobile home? Here you have the opportunity to acquire a completely rebuilt and renovated residential ship for little money. The "Krista Rud" is ready for occupancy without any renovation backlog and is beautifully finished.


Flat - and sailor!

At present, a family of four lives on board all year round. Most of their holidays are also spent on the ship. The 1958 staysail schooner is easy to handle even with a small crew due to its split sail plan, making it perfect for the family looking for affordable living space.

This ship is unique in its kind: it combines a unique living feeling with the comfort of a flat and the mobility and independence of an easily manageable ocean-going yacht. Especially in times of horrendously high real estate prices, this is an absolutely great living alternative. A dream under white sails!



KRISTA RUD was laid down in 1958 in Esbjerg, Denmark by Raun Byberg with the construction number 73. Since her launch, she has borne her name to this day and has since clocked up tens of thousands of miles in her wake.
The ship was designed as a North Sea cutter and sailed for about 20 years under the fishing mark E573 on the waters of the North Sea and the North Atlantic, which were still rich in fish at that time. Weighing a good 80 tonnes, due to the deliberately heavy and massive construction of 63mm oak planks on oak double frames, she was well equipped for this area of operation.

She is one of the few remaining ships of her type under sail. Everything about her is solid and massive and, thanks to her staysail rig, she can be operated comfortably and safely with only 3 people (but two experienced sailors are also enough). With her 226 m² sail area on the wind, she is anything but slow, despite her weight. She has already sailed as far as the Azores and was also in Norwegian waters for ten years. An absolutely seaworthy as well as safe ship with a solid substance. The ship is registered as a recreational boat and therefore does not need the approval of the See-BG. She can be sailed with the normal SBF-See. More history and much more detailed information is available.

KRISTA RUD was acquired by the current owners in 2014, completely gutted and converted into a sailing residential ship and has been the permanent home of the family of four ever since. Annual shipyard visits with extensive work have been carried out since then. Among other things, the masts were pulled in 2017 (mast survey available). Furthermore, various planks have of course been replaced during this time, a new bow support, a new bowsprit and a new jib net were added in 2020, to name just a few things. Of course, there is documentation on all the work carried out.


Renewed in April 2020

The deck

The original deck was removed by the previous owner and replaced by three layers of 16 mm boatbuilding plywood, which were glued and screwed together. The deck covering consists of a 3-component rubber, also known as rubber screed, the material thickness is approx. 15 mm. It is non-slip and absolutely waterproof. Complete renewal in April 2020.

Volvo Penta


A 6-cylinder Volvo Penta with 12 litres of displacement and just under 300 hp drives a 3-blade variable pitch propeller. It has the necessary reserves when you need to get to port quickly or when the wind takes a break. Absolutely reliable and virtually "indestructible". Consumption is just 8.5 litres of diesel at 5.5 knots and 11 litres at 6.5 knots.


Below deck

Living space to fall in love with

The saloon, the heart of the ship, has been transformed into a very bright and appealing living space by adding a lot of white to the walls and raising the entire superstructure with additional windows. The headroom here is an incredible 2.70m ! The very generously designed kitchen-living room offers plenty of storage space and houses a 5-burner gas cooker and a large gas oven as well as a refrigerator and a dishwasher. In the spacious sitting-dining corner, one likes to linger and plan new holiday trips, bake biscuits or play Zuiderzee together....

Cosily warm

Pellet stove

A water-bearing pellet stove with 15 kW not only heats the entire ship, but also provides a cosy atmosphere in winter with its "open fire". It supplies a total of 11 radiators and can be individually programmed by timer, so that the ship is kept warm even when you are away or everything is toasty warm two hours before you get up. Special feature of the saloon: all six hatch covers can be opened, creating a unique convertible feeling in summer!


To relax


The bathroom has a bathtub and underfloor heating. Hot running water is provided either by an instantaneous water heater, a 40-litre hot water tank or the motor circuit. Here too, of course, there is headroom! Highlight: lying at anchor in the hot bathtub during a sailing trip or in a storm!



In the front area there is a spacious bedroom (bunk size 1400 x 2000) with a new skylight and a companionway. By deliberately not cladding the hull with veneer wood from the inside and thus leaving the frames visible, the room has a unique flair. Well hidden, there is also room for a washing machine and a dryer. At the very aft is the so-called "Hotel zur Schraube". Here are the two bunks (900 x 2000) for the children, equipped with two prismatic lights and a ventilator. The ideal place for exciting pirate stories! In the forebody to starboard is another guest berth, or the skipper's berth (900 x 1950) when the ship is at sea.


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