Do you have the dream of buying your own sailboat or motorboat and discovering the most beautiful places in the world with it?

We help you to fulfil this dream.

You can find out how we work on

The buying advice is open all the time, only the estate agency is taking a break for a year!

The complete package

  • You don't know which boat is suitable for your personal use?

  • Buying a boat is completely new territory for you and you don't even know what types of boats there are?

  • Would you like to broaden your horizons and get to know boats beyond series production?

The individual solution

  • You have found your boat, but need assistance with viewing, purchase or handover?

  • Are you ready for the big trip, but not the boat yet?

  • You have fallen in love with a boat and would like an objective second opinion?


In 3 steps to your dream yacht

  • Buying advice:
    In a half-day workshop we discuss your planned trip, your requirements and preferences. Motorboat or sailboat, monohull or catamaran, steel, aluminium or GRP, how big, how expensive, how many masts, what equipment... Your personal circumstances, the planned cruising grounds, the usual crew size and composition and also factors such as your physical conditions (size, strength) will be taken into account.

  • Boat search:
    We now have a good idea of what you need. With these criteria, we set out to find the perfect boat for you. We will give you a selection of boats that might be suitable for you. You decide which of these boats you would like to visit.

  • Viewing, price proposal, purchase:
    Together we will inspect your favoured yachts. During this step, we will already point out potential building sites and their costs to you and show you what to look out for: with a boat that you will be cruising with for a longer time, it is not only about good sailing characteristics. Comfort and safety play a bigger role here. Are the beds long enough? Are there enough handholds? What electrical equipment needs to be retrofitted?

    If one of the boats emerges as your favourite, we will advise you on how to make a bid so that you pay a fair price for your dream boat. We then commission a certified surveyor to prepare a professional appraisal. The money invested (normally a three-figure sum) is worthwhile, as you know that the substance of the boat and technology is in order. If everything goes well, you can buy and sail away!


Individual solutions - you decide

  • Have you already found the right boat and want to make sure you're not looking at it through "rose-coloured glasses"? Take us along for an inspection. We will show you the weak points and point out necessary investments.

  • You already own a boat, but would like to go on a long trip with it in the future? We are here to advise you. We will tell you what is still missing for a circumnavigation: from choosing the right antifouling to upgrading the electrics for self-sufficient travel. We would be happy to visit you on board.

  • Any gradation is possible: you can book us for a one-hour telephone consultation appointment, or order us abroad for a boat inspection. Give us a call.

We are happy to help.